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Wireless communications

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Wireless communications

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ERP (Electronic Road Pricing) or Electronic toll collection (ETC)

These wireless products provide the facility of collecting tolls electronically. These machines are wirelessly controlled to a central database that ascertains registration of vehicles passing through. Debits are automatically made on accounts thereby reducing waiting time considerably.

PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)

We entered the market as professional manufacturer specializing in the development of PDA devices. Quality assurance is something we believe in and are certified ISO 9001:2000. Our operations are modest and we work diligently with our professional technicians to provide the latest in quality.Customer satisfaction is our greatest achievements and we work towards providing up to date advanced technology at competitive prices.

GPS for vehicles with speed control technology

Mobile tele India has the latest in GPS technology to provide accurate speed control. This device can give exact location of the vehicle and also monitor seat belt fastening.This information is authorized to specific usersover the internet as the server gets the information. It is a tele-monitoring system to transmit data to the remote user. Thusthe applications are used in real time traffic surveillance. Our technicians are professionally experienced to handle all technical specifications to ensure optimum usage of the device.

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