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Post Sales Customer Support

Customer loyalty and retention is critical for the sustained growth of any business. The longer you can retain your customers, the larger your consumer base will be. This eventually translates into an enhanced success rate for new product launches, revenue growth, recurring profits, and more. As such, our post sales customer support is focused on retaining customers through positive post sales engagement.

Core objectives of Post Sales Support BPO
Our post-sales BPO service boasts of the following key features and objectives:
  • All-round customer profiling: Our team of expert agents, armed with a robust analytical framework, strives to understand consumer mindsets. Our interactions are, hence, based on an in-depth comprehension of consumer preferences and needs which drive their choice of products and brands
  • Delivery Management Optimization: Customers can get disgruntled when they believe that they have not received the product or service that they were promised at the time of sale. We have a stringent sales quality check in place ensure there are no discrepancies between sales and deliveries. This leads to a better consumer experience and minimizes post sales complaints.
  • Dissatisfaction Management: Even if a consumer has had a bad experience, there is still tremendous scope of converting them into loyal clients through effective and timely dissatisfaction management. Our agents are trained to deal with upset customers in a tactful and sensitive manner and offer effective solutions to their complaints.
  • Predictive Interactions: Relying on intelligent data gathered during the sales process, we use analytics to predict consumer preferences to drive more effective content marketing to build stronger relationships, as well as create effective opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling.
What we can do for you…
Our core strengths in post sales BPO services enables us to cater to a host of industries and sectors including telecommunications, enterprise software and hardware, Point of Sales (PoS) systems, electronics, and heavy industries. We deliver the following post sales benefits and more for your organization:
  • Baseline customer care
  • Consumer Profile and Retention Management
  • Billing and Invoicing Resolution
  • Consumer Complaints Center
  • Technician Allocation and Dispatch
  • Up Selling and Cross Selling

Data Research and Analytics BPO Services

Data is nothing but facts and figures if it is not analyzed and interpreted to drive meaningful decisions. In the past decade, the field of data analytics has undergone a tremendous transformation due to technological advances. Today, we have Big Data, and massive technology to match. Mobiletele's data research and analytics BPO services use top notch technological tools that help drive business performance through accurate forecasts, intelligent insights, and measurable results.

Core objectives of Data Research and Analytics BPO
Powered by rigorous Analytics backed by domain expertise and mastery over processes, we propel sound business decision making in:
  • Directory Services
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Market Intelligence
  • Content Management
  • Creative and Technical Content Services
  • Asset Management
  • Data Analysis, Management, and reporting
What we can do for you…
We assist our clients to harness the power of data analytics to exact value creation across verticals. Our offer:
  • Data reporting and management services
  • Business analytics and research services
  • Digital Content Management
  • Asset Optimization

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