"Allow us to introduce ourselves"

About Us

We are Mobiletele…

Mobiletele (Mobile Telecommunications Ltd. or MTL) – is a born in India international firm providing global outsourcing, manufacturing, and consulting service to a host broad spectrum of clients. In the over 2 decades of our existence, we have diversified our offerings to include BPO services, electronics manufacturing, wireless communication, and software development. We are leading suppliers of PoS systems, electronic cables, retail PoS systems, Speakers and Home Theater systems, LED products and much more. Based out of Mumbai, India, we have a sprawling manufacturing facility in Nashik, India, and foreign offices in New York and New Jersey, US. As a sign of our success and credibility, we are listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), and have an employee base over 1000 people strong.

What we believe…

Mobiletele does NOT believe in short term associations or one time deals – we believe in forming lasting partnerships that yield long term growth and sustainability for our clients. There are no shortcuts, and nothing delivers better results than an unrelenting commitment and pursuit of excellence. Our investment in the R&D of our products is testament of our unwavering faith in innovation – we believe that the only way forward is through constant development. Always thinking out of the box, we enable our clients to adapt to market changes and business challenges in the swiftest, most efficient manner possible. We do not believe in giving you short term answers – we deliver lasting success.

''Our Mission''

To be a leader in the original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM sector in India. To be a glocal tree with roots widespread across India, and branches extending into diverse international markets.

''Our Vision''

To act as an agent of growth, development and progress by actively following a 'Make in India' policy and manufacturing a host of products domestically. Through our efforts, Mobiletele envisions India as a nation of high industrialization, employment, and self-sufficiency.

Core Values:


Constant reinvention of existing processes and discovery of new pathways to development through research and intelligent thought.


Continued business evolution and adaptation to stay a step ahead of market conditions to ensure the survival and success of the organization and those associated with it.

Cumulative Progress

Long term, meaningful progress for the organization, the nation, the people, and the environment.


A conscious and unrelenting effort to make ethically sound, efficiency driven decisions that are beneficial for all parties involved.

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